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bleat the sound made by a goat, sheep, or calf. [3/4 definitions]
blow2 to make a sound when air is forced through. [2/7 definitions]
boom1 a deep, hollow sound, as from an explosion. [1/4 definitions]
bray1 the loud harsh sound that a donkey makes. [2 definitions]
bubble to move along while making a sound like that of bubbles breaking. [1/4 definitions]
buzz to make a soft, low humming sound. [1/4 definitions]
cable a form of television in which the sound and picture signals are sent by cable rather than through the air; cable television. [1/5 definitions]
cackle to laugh or speak with such a sound. [1/4 definitions]
call the sound made by a bird or animal. [1/10 definitions]
catbird a dark gray North American songbird. One of its calls is like the sound a cat makes.
caw to make the sound of a crow or raven. [1/2 definitions]
cedilla a mark ( ). It is placed under certain letters to change that letter's pronunciation in French, where "" has the sound of "s."
cheep to make a peeping sound; chirp. [1/2 definitions]
chime a bell, or the sound of a bell. [1/3 definitions]
chink2 to make or cause to make a sharp sound like a chime.
chirp to make a short sound with a high pitch. [2 definitions]
chug a short, steady sound. [2 definitions]
clang to make a clear, loud sound or ring, such as that made when two heavy metal objects are struck together. [2 definitions]
clank a short sound, as of metal being struck, that does not ring. [4 definitions]
clap to strike together, making a sharp, short sound. [2/5 definitions]
clash a harsh, loud sound. [1/5 definitions]