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blue whale a mammal that lives in the ocean. Blue whales are the largest kind of animal that has ever lived. They can grow up to 100 feet long and weigh up to 150 tons. Their large mouths have baleen instead of teeth. Blue whales use baleen to filter lots of very small food such as shrimp from ocean water.
bowl1 a deep, rounded dish used for holding food or liquid. [1/5 definitions]
bread a food made by baking a dough of flour or meal. [1/2 definitions]
broccoli a plant whose green flower buds and stalk are used for food. Broccoli is related to the cabbage plant.
broiler a pan, grill, or part of a stove used to broil food.
buckwheat a plant with seeds that are often ground into flour or used as food for farm animals. [1/2 definitions]
buffet2 a meal at which people help themselves to food laid out on a large table or buffet. [1/2 definitions]
burrito a Mexican food made of a flour tortilla stuffed with meat, cheese, beans, and other foods.
butter a food like butter in texture and used as a spread. [1/3 definitions]
butternut the nut of this tree that can be eaten as food. [1/2 definitions]
cafeteria a dining hall or restaurant in which customers choose or are served their food at a counter. The customers then carry the food on trays to their tables.
cake a sweet, baked food made of flour, eggs, sugar, and flavoring. Cakes can be made in the form of a loaf or layers. [2/4 definitions]
calorie a unit for measuring the amount of energy that a food can produce when taken into the body. The more calories something has, the more energy it can provide for the body.(abbreviated: Cal.)
can2 a metal container for food or other products, made in the shape of a cylinder. [1/3 definitions]
candy a sweet food made of sugar and flavorings such as chocolate or peppermint. [1/2 definitions]
canteen a small store that sells food, drink, and some personal supplies. Canteens are found in schools, factories, and military bases. [1/2 definitions]
casserole a dish, often deep and covered, in which food can be baked and served. [2 definitions]
cater to supply food or other service. [2/3 definitions]
cellophane a thin, clear material made from cellulose. Cellophane is used to wrap food and other things.
cereal any plant whose grains are used for food, such as wheat, oats, rice, or rye. [2 definitions]
check a bill for food and drink at a bar or restaurant. [1/11 definitions]