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bookcase a set of shelves for holding books.
bound3 to set the border of; limit. [1/3 definitions]
bracket to enclose or set apart with brackets. [1/5 definitions]
buckle to set oneself with will and a sense of purpose (usually followed by "down"). [1/5 definitions]
burn to cause to be set on fire. [1/8 definitions]
camp1 an outdoor area where tents or rough shelters are set up to live in or sleep in for a time. [2/5 definitions]
cannon a large gun that is set on wheels or some other base. Cannons fire heavy shells.
chime (usually plural) a set of tuned bells or other hollow objects that produce musical sounds when struck. [1/3 definitions]
class a set of lessons for a group of students in a particular subject, or one lesson of such a set. [1/8 definitions]
cock1 to set the hammer of so as to be ready to fire. [1/3 definitions]
code a set of rules or laws. [1/3 definitions]
console2 a cabinet for a television set, CD player, or radio.
constitution the set of basic laws by which a nation, state, or other organization is governed. [1/3 definitions]
contain to hold back; set limits on. [1/3 definitions]
course an area of land or water set aside for sport. [1/7 definitions]
cradle a baby's bed set on rockers. [1/4 definitions]
creed a set of beliefs held by a person or group.
dance a set pattern of steps or movements usually done to music. [1/7 definitions]
deacon a member of certain Christian churches who has a set of church duties but is not a member of the clergy. [1/2 definitions]
dedicate to set apart for a special use or purpose. [1/3 definitions]
deliver to set free or save. [1/5 definitions]