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bottom the cause or most important part. [1/6 definitions]
brain (plural) the most intelligent person of a group, or the main planner of something, especially something risky. [1/3 definitions]
bug an insect with front wings that are thick at the base and thin at the tip. There are many kinds of bugs. All have mouths made for sucking, and most feed on plants. [1/6 definitions]
bulk the larger part of something; most. [1/2 definitions]
central main or principal; most important. [1/2 definitions]
chief the most powerful or important person in a group; leader. [2/3 definitions]
climax the most exciting or interesting point in a series of events. [1/2 definitions]
cockroach an insect with a flat body and long antennae that lives in most parts of the world. Some kinds of cockroaches are pests that live in homes and other buildings. All cockroaches are active at night.
college a school of higher learning that one attends after high school. Most college programs require four years of study.
compact1 shortened, but still containing what is most important. [1/6 definitions]
conifer a tree with cones and narrow leaves called needles. Pines and firs are conifers. Most conifers are evergreen.
convention a practice or way of doing something that is accepted by most people; custom. [1/2 definitions]
coral the hard skeleton of tiny sea animals called corals. Most kinds of corals live in warm tropical oceans, and their thousands of skeletons form reefs and atolls. [1/3 definitions]
core the most important part of something. [1/4 definitions]
crab1 an animal with a wide, flat body covered by a hard shell. Crabs have ten legs, including a pair of claws, eyes on short stalks, and antennae. Most kinds of crabs live in the ocean and eat many kinds of food. Crabs are crustaceans, which are a kind of arthropod. The biggest crabs are larger than any other arthropod. [1/2 definitions]
cyst a small pouch within body tissue that is filled with fluid or air. Some cysts are connected with serious disease, but most are not harmful at all.
deep the most intense period. [1/7 definitions]
deer a mammal with short fur, long legs, and a long neck. Deer have hooves on their feet and can run very fast. The males of most kinds of deer grow and shed antlers every year. Deer are herbivores that chew their cud. Caribou, elk, moose, reindeer, and white-tailed deer are all kinds of deer.
diesel engine a type of engine that burns fuel oil. Diesel engines are different from most car engines, which use an electric spark to ignite the fuel. In a diesel engine, the fuel is sprayed into a chamber and set on fire by the heat of air that has been put under high pressure. Big trucks have diesel engines.
disability something that makes a person unable to do certain things that most people can do. [1/2 definitions]
dolphin a mammal that lives in the water. Dolphins look like large fish but they breathe air. They have teeth and a snout that looks like a beak. Most kinds of dolphins live in the ocean. A few kinds live in large rivers in Asia and South America. Dolphins are closely related to porpoises and other toothed whales.