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business the work a person does to earn money; job or trade. [1/5 definitions]
busy full of work or activity. [1/4 definitions]
by made or created through the work of. [1/10 definitions]
career the work a person chooses to do through life.
carpool an agreement among a group of automobile drivers who work together, or whose children go to the same school. Each driver takes turns driving the others.
carry out to do; to work on until finished. [1/3 definitions]
cartridge a small case that holds some material or a piece of equipment. A cartridge is put into a larger device to help make it work. [1/3 definitions]
carving the work or result of cutting and shaping wood, stone, or other material.
circuit the area that someone travels regularly to carry out their work. [1/4 definitions]
city a large and important town where many people live and work. [1/2 definitions]
clash to not match or work together in color, tone, or time. [1/5 definitions]
classic a work of art or literature that is considered to be one of the best. A classic is an example against which other works are judged. [1/4 definitions]
clerk a person who does office work, such as keeping records, finding information, filing, and making copies. [1/2 definitions]
climax the point at which a conflict reaches a crisis in a work of literature. [1/2 definitions]
coke the carbon substance that is left after coal has been heated without air. Coke is used as a fuel for doing certain kinds of work in a factory.
collaborate to work with someone else on a project.
collage a type of art work in which different kinds of materials are pasted onto a surface to make a picture. These materials can be anything from paper and photographs, to cloth and buttons.
commute to ride or drive a long distance to and from work or school. [2 definitions]
compile to gather information together to form one written work.
composition a particular written or musical work. [1/5 definitions]
computer an electronic device that is used to store and sort information and work with data at a high speed.