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address the place where one lives or a business is located. The address has the street name and number, city, and state or province. [1/6 definitions]
Alexandria a city in Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea at the tip of the Nile delta. Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great.
Amsterdam the official capital city of the Netherlands. Most of the government of the Netherlands is located in another city, The Hague.
annex to make part of an existing nation or city. [1/3 definitions]
Athens the capital city of Greece, in modern and ancient times.
Atlanta the capital city of the U.S. state of Georgia.
Baghdad the capital city of Iraq.
barrio a section of a U.S. city where Spanish is chiefly spoken. [1/2 definitions]
Beijing the capital city of China. The city is also called Peking.
Belgrade the capital city of Yugoslavia.
Belize the largest city in this country. [1/2 definitions]
Berlin the capital city of Germany. Between 1945 and 1990 the city was divided into East Berlin and West Berlin. For most of that time the Berlin Wall, a concrete and wire barrier, separated East and West Berlin.
blackout the loss or hiding of all the lights of a city or region. Cities may have blackouts because of power failures. [1/2 definitions]
block an area in a city or town surrounded by four connecting streets. The distance of one of the sides is also called a block. [1/9 definitions]
Bombay the former name of a capital city of a state in India, on the west central coast. Bombay is now called Mumbai.
borough one of the five divisions of New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Richmond (Staten Island), Queens, and the Bronx. [1/2 definitions]
boulevard a wide city street, often with trees planted along its sides.
brownout a cut or reduction of electrical power in a neighborhood or city.
Brussels the capital city of Belgium.
Cairo the capital city of Egypt, on the Nile River.
Calcutta the capital city of a state in India. Calcutta is on the eastern coast.