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camera a device for taking photographs. A camera is a closed box with a small hole that allows light to reach the film inside. The light makes images on the film.
can opener a device used for opening cans. Some can openers can be operated by hand while others are small electrical appliances.
cartridge a small case that holds some material or a piece of equipment. A cartridge is put into a larger device to help make it work. [1/3 definitions]
cell a device that makes electricity by chemical means. [1/4 definitions]
choke a device that controls the amount of air in an engine carburetor. [1/4 definitions]
circuit breaker a switch or other device that automatically breaks an electric circuit when too much electricity flows through it.
clamp a device used to fasten, support, or press together two or more objects or pieces. [1/3 definitions]
clasp a device with two parts that fit together, used to fasten something. [1/4 definitions]
clip2 a device that holds or fastens. [2/3 definitions]
clock1 a device, other than a watch, for measuring and showing the time. [1/2 definitions]
clutch1 a device for working the gears of an engine, as in a car. [1/4 definitions]
cock1 a device like a faucet used to control the flow of a liquid or gas. [1/3 definitions]
computer an electronic device that is used to store and sort information and work with data at a high speed.
crank a device that moves things in a circle. Cranks have a lever attached at a right angle to the end of an arm that moves in a circle. Cranks are turned by hand or by another arm that connects to the lever. [2/4 definitions]
detector a device that finds or detects something, such as changes in temperature or pressure.
dimmer a device that controls the brightness of an electric light.
disposal a device for grinding garbage so that it goes down the drain. [1/3 definitions]
draft a device that controls the flow of air in a stove or furnace. Fires need the oxygen in air in order to burn. [1/8 definitions]
drain a device, such as a pipe, through which a liquid is drained. [1/9 definitions]
electrode a part of an electric or electronic device. An electrode allows electric current to enter or leave a device such as a battery.
fan1 a device that is waved back and forth with the hand to cool the face or body. [1/3 definitions]