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chalk a substance made from natural chalk that is formed into round sticks that can be used to write or draw with, especially on a blackboard or on pavement. [1/3 definitions]
cherry a small, round fruit that grows on a tree. It is red, yellow, or purple in color and has a hard pit in the center. [1/4 definitions]
chocolate a single small piece of chocolate candy, usually rectangular, round, or oval in shape and often containing a sweet filling or nuts. [1/6 definitions]
chubby plump and round.
circular having the shape of a circle; round. [1/3 definitions]
circumference the line that forms the outside edge of a circle or other round figure or area. [1/2 definitions]
coin a piece of metal money that is small, flat, and round. [1/3 definitions]
core the center part of any round, solid object. The center of the earth is called its core. [1/4 definitions]
cylinder a solid figure with a shape similar to that of a can, a round flat cake, or a round tube with closed ends. A cylinder has parallel circular faces joined by one curved face.
cymbal a percussion instrument that is round and made of metal. Cymbals are played by striking a pair of them together or hitting one with a drumstick or brushes.
derby a hard hat made of felt with a round top and a curved, narrow brim. [1/2 definitions]
disk any thin, flat, round object, or one that appears flat and round. [2/3 definitions]
drop a small amount of liquid, usually with a round shape. [1/9 definitions]
egg1 a round or oval object that contains what may become a young bird, reptile, insect, or other animal. Each egg includes food to help a developing animal grow. Bird and reptile eggs have shells. Some kinds of eggs are used as food by people and other animals. [1/2 definitions]
football the British word for the round ball used in a game of soccer; soccer ball. [1/4 definitions]
globe a round ball with a map of the earth on it, or anything shaped like a ball. [1/2 definitions]
green pepper a hollow, somewhat round, fruit that is eaten as a vegetable, especially in salads. The taste of a green pepper is not spicy. A green pepper is called that when the pepper is young and green. If the pepper is allowed to mature, it will become red.
hail2 round pieces of frozen rain or a storm of this frozen rain. [1/4 definitions]
hamburger ground beef, or a round, flat patty of ground beef, or the sandwich in which such meat is commonly served after it is cooked..
hamster a very small mammal with a round body, short tail, and large pouches in its cheeks. Hamsters are rodents that live in burrows and come out at night to find food. They are often kept as pets or used in scientific experiments. Different kinds of wild hamsters live in Europe, Africa, and Asia.
hand a round of applause. [1/11 definitions]