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clothes things worn on the body, such as pants, shirts, and dresses; clothing; garments.
coat a piece of outer clothing with long sleeves, usually worn to keep warm. [1/5 definitions]
collar the part of a piece of clothing that goes around the neck. It is sometimes folded over. [1/3 definitions]
costume the type of clothing worn in a particular place or time or by members of a particular group. [2 definitions]
coveralls a one-piece protective garment with trousers and sleeves, worn by workmen over clothing.
denim a strong cotton cloth used in clothing. [1/2 definitions]
diver a person who works under water, using special clothing and equipment for breathing. [1/2 definitions]
drapery clothing or other cloth that hangs in loose folds. [1/2 definitions]
dress a piece of clothing usually worn by girls or women. A dress has a top or blouse connected to a skirt. [3/7 definitions]
dresser2 a piece of furniture with drawers or shelves for holding clothing or other items.
farm an area of land, along with buildings and equipment, used to grow crops or raise animals for food or clothing. [1/4 definitions]
flannel a soft material made of wool or cotton. Flannel is used for warm clothing and bed covers, among other things.
fly1 a strip of material along the edge of a piece of clothing that hides buttons or a zipper. Flies are usually found on the front of pants. [1/9 definitions]
formal a dance or other social event to which formal clothing is worn. [1/5 definitions]
fringe an edge of hanging threads, yarn, or strips of leather used to decorate clothing or drapes. [1/2 definitions]
frisk to search for something hidden by passing one's hands over a person's clothing. [1/2 definitions]
fur the skin of an animal that has such hair, used in the making of clothing or other items. [2/3 definitions]
garb clothes, esp. those characteristic of a particular profession, way of life, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
garment any piece of clothing.
gown a long, loose piece of clothing, such as a nightgown or the robe worn by a judge or minister. [1/2 definitions]
holland linen or cotton cloth, often glazed, used to make window shades, upholstery, and clothing.