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clump a group of things close together. [1/4 definitions]
cluster a small, close group of things that are alike. [2 definitions]
cockle a small animal with a soft body and a hard shell shaped like a heart. Cockles are mollusks with two hinged shells that open and close. They are kinds of clams. People sometimes eat cockles.
community a group of people who live close together or have shared interests. [1/3 definitions]
comrade a close friend who shares one's main interests.
concentration close attention; focused mental energy. [1/2 definitions]
crawl to move along, usually slowly, with one's body very close to the ground or other surface; creep. [1/6 definitions]
creep to move with the body close to the ground; crawl. [1/7 definitions]
crouch to lower the body close to the ground by bending the legs. A cat about to pounce crouches, as does a person getting ready to run in a race. [1/2 definitions]
dense having parts very close together with little space between. [1/2 definitions]
density the state or condition of having parts very close together with little space between.
domesticated of animals, made suited to the needs of humans and living close to humans rather than in the wild. [1/2 definitions]
doorknob a rounded handle or knob used to open and close a door.
drawstring a cord or string that is drawn through fabric and pulled to tighten or close an opening, as of pants, a bag, or the like.
dying close to death; losing life.
enclose to close in or shut in with walls or a container. [1/2 definitions]
expiration a coming to an end or close. [1/2 definitions]
eye the organ of the body that gives animals sight, and the area close around it. [1/5 definitions]
face to face very close to; right up to; in person.
faithful staying close to fact; truthful or accurate. [1/2 definitions]
familiar close; friendly. [1/3 definitions]