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akin belonging to the same family; related; kin. [1/2 definitions]
alder a tree or shrub of the birch family that grows in mostly cool, damp areas and drops its leaves every year.
alfalfa a plant with purple flowers that is grown as food for cattle and horses. Alfalfa is a member of the legume family of plants.
alto a musical instrument having the second highest range in its family of instruments. [1/4 definitions]
aristocracy a class of people who have a high social position because of the family they are born into. Members of the aristocracy are usually richer and have more privileges than other members of society. [1/2 definitions]
ark (sometimes capitalized) in the Bible, the large boat built by Noah to save his family and two of every animal from a flood sent by God. [1/2 definitions]
baby the youngest person in a family or group. [1/6 definitions]
balsam fir a tree of the pine family, native to Canada and the northeastern United States. It is an evergreen tree and is cut for lumber and Christmas trees.
black sheep one who is very different from all the rest of his or her family and who is sometimes rejected or looked down on by that family.
blood family line or common family membership. [1/2 definitions]
breadwinner a member of a family or household who earns money to support the other members.
brood (informal) the children that belong to one family. [1/4 definitions]
brotherhood a warm and close feeling between brothers or between people who feel like they are family. [1/2 definitions]
canine an animal of the dog family. [1/3 definitions]
caregiver a person who lives with and is responsible for the care of a child. A caregiver can be a family member, like a parent, aunt, uncle, stepparent, or grandparent, or it can be another person. [1/2 definitions]
castle a large, strong building where a noble lived with his family and servants. Many castles were built long ago to defend the people inside against attacks. [1/2 definitions]
cedar an evergreen tree of the pine family that bears cones. Cedars have strong wood with a sweet smell. [1/2 definitions]
cello a large musical instrument with four strings. The cello is in the violin family but has a deeper tone than the violin.
cherry a kind of tree or shrub of the rose family grown for its showy flowers, its sweet or sour fruit, and for lumber. [1/4 definitions]
clan a group of people from the same family. [1/2 definitions]
coat of arms the symbol of a family, country, or organization. It shows designs and figures on and around a shield.