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coffee a tropical plant that produces beans. These beans are used to make a dark brown drink. [1/2 definitions]
condor one of two kinds of vultures that are the largest flying birds of the Western Hemisphere. They have a bald head and neck, dark feathers, and can measure twelve feet across when they spread their wings.
courgette the British name for a zucchini, a cucumber-shaped vegetable with a smooth, dark green rind.
darken to cause to be dark or darker. [2 definitions]
dim not well lighted; dark. [1/5 definitions]
dungeon a dark, damp, underground jail.
eggplant a plant grown for its dark purple fruit, which is eaten as a vegetable. The fruit is often shaped like an egg or like a tube.
emerald a rich dark or yellowish green color. [1/2 definitions]
garnet a common type of hard mineral that can have a variety of colors and includes the dark red stone often used in jewelry.
gazelle a kind of antelope found in Africa and Asia. Gazelles are mammals with hooves and long legs. They are graceful runners. Their horns are slightly curved and have dark rings.
gloomy dim or dark. [1/3 definitions]
huckleberry the dark blue fruit of this plant. [1/2 definitions]
indigo a dark blue dye that comes from plants or is made by people. [1/3 definitions]
knot1 the place where a branch grows out of the trunk of a tree. When wood is cut into boards, the knot looks like a dark spot. [1/6 definitions]
leopard a large mammal with short yellow or gray fur and black spots. Leopards with very dark fur are called black leopards or panthers. They live in southern Asia and Africa but are threatened or endangered in all their habitats. Leopards are carnivores and are closely related to lions, tigers, and other big cats that roar.
light pen an electronic device that can detect light and dark areas on a computer screen. It is used to select objects on the screen.
livid dark grayish or purplish blue from a bruise. [1/2 definitions]
loganberry the large, dark red fruit of the loganberry plant. It is somewhat like the blackberry. [1/2 definitions]
mackerel a fish that has dark marks that look like waves on its back and a silver underside. Mackerel live in the Atlantic Ocean and are used for food.
mallard a common wild duck. The male has a shiny dark green head and neck.
maroon1 having a dark brownish-red color.