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comb a thin piece of plastic or other material that has teeth along one side. It is used to smooth, arrange, or hold hair in place. [1/5 definitions]
cowhide the skin and hair of a cow, or leather made from the skin of a cow.
curl an individual ring of hair. [1/6 definitions]
Dalmatian a breed of dog. Dalmatians are large dogs that have short white hair with black or brown spots.
Doberman pinscher a breed of dog. Doberman pinschers have short, smooth, black hair with tan markings and are used as guard dogs.
dreadlocks a hairstyle in which the hair is worn in long, twisted strands.
dye a substance that is used to give color to cloth, hair, or other materials. [1/2 definitions]
forehead the part of the human face above the eyes and below the hair; brow. [1/2 definitions]
foxhound a breed of dog. Foxhounds are dogs of medium size with short hair and are bred and trained to hunt foxes.
fur the soft thick hair that covers the bodies of certain animals such as the mink, cat, or fox. [2/3 definitions]
gene a tiny section of a chromosome. A gene causes a particular characteristic, such as eye color or hair color, to be passed on from parent to offspring.
goat an animal with hooves, hollow horns, and rough hair. Goats are mammals that are raised for their milk, wool, and meat. They are closely related to sheep.
gray having gray hair. [1/4 definitions]
Great Dane a breed of dog. Great Danes are very large, powerful dogs with short hair, long legs, and a square muzzle.
haircut the act or process of cutting hair. [2 definitions]
hairdo the style or shape in which hair is arranged.
hairpin a metal pin in the shape of a U, used to keep hair in place or to attach something to the hair. [1/2 definitions]
hairy covered with or having a lot of hair.
headband a band worn around the head. Headbands are used to hold back the hair or to soak up wetness.
hippopotamus a very large, round mammal that has short legs with hooves and thick skin with almost no hair. Hippopotamuses live in or near rivers and lakes of tropical Africa. They eat plants.
horse a large mammal with long legs and hooves. A horse has a long neck with a mane, short hair, and a long tail. In the wild, horses live in herds and eat grass and other plants. For thousands of years, people have used horses for riding and for pulling or carrying loads. [1/3 definitions]