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conscience the sense that allows a person to decide between right and wrong actions.
correct to fix the mistakes in; change to make right. [1/5 definitions]
correction something right put in place of something wrong. [1/3 definitions]
crank a device that moves things in a circle. Cranks have a lever attached at a right angle to the end of an arm that moves in a circle. Cranks are turned by hand or by another arm that connects to the lever. [1/4 definitions]
credit the right to buy things at the present time and not pay until later. Having credit often depends on one's reputation for paying one's debt. [1/7 definitions]
custody the legal right to take care of and control someone or something. [1/2 definitions]
deserve to be worthy of or have a right to.
duty something that a person should do because it is right or fair; responsibility. [1/4 definitions]
empowerment the condition or feeling of having the power or the right to do something [1/2 definitions]
entitle to give a right or legal claim to. [1/2 definitions]
entrance1 The right or permission to enter. [1/3 definitions]
entrée the act or right of entering. [1/2 definitions]
face to face very close to; right up to; in person.
fee an amount paid for a right to do something. [1/2 definitions]
fit1 proper or acceptable; right. [2/6 definitions]
flank the left or right side of something. [1/3 definitions]
flush2 right next to or up against. [1/2 definitions]
foursquare having four equal sides that meet in four right angles; square. [1/4 definitions]
freedom a specific right. [1/3 definitions]
good doing what is right. [1/12 definitions]
grace the tendency to do what is kind, right, or polite; manners. [1/4 definitions]