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cross out to remove something by drawing a line through it.
curve a line that bends smoothly in one direction without any straight parts or angles. [1/5 definitions]
denominator the number in a fraction that is below the division line. It shows the number of equal parts into which the top number is to be divided.
dial tone the steady hum or buzzing sound in a telephone receiver showing that the line is open and a number may be dialed or entered.
diameter a straight line from one side of a circle or sphere to the other that passes through the center. [2/3 definitions]
direct going in a straight line or on a straight course. [2/9 definitions]
directly in a direct line or way; straight. [1/3 definitions]
division sign a mathematical sign made up of a small horizontal line with one dot above it and one dot below it ( ). It indicates that the number coming before it is to be divided by the number coming after it.
edge a line where two surfaces meet. [2/6 definitions]
extension an extra telephone line connected to the main line. [1/3 definitions]
eyebrow the line of short hairs growing along the ridge of bone above the eye. [1/2 definitions]
eyeliner makeup used to draw a thin line on the edges of the eyelids.
file1 a line of things or people standing in order. [2/6 definitions]
finish line a line that marks the end of a race. The first person who crosses the finish line in a race is the winner.
fishing pole any long slender pole that is used in catching fish. A long line, often made of nylon, is loosely attached to the pole. This line has a hook attached to it on one end.
fishing rod a long thin pole with a line, hook, and often a reel that is used for catching fish.
flush2 even or level with another surface or line. [1/2 definitions]
fold1 the line, crease, or bend made by folding. [1/8 definitions]
foul line a line on a basketball court drawn fifteen feet from the backboard. A player may shoot freely from this line when the other team commits a foul. [1/2 definitions]
haiku a Japanese verse form made of three lines, or any poem written in this form. The first line has five syllables, followed by a line of seven syllables, then another line of five.
horizon the line where the earth and the sky appear to meet. [1/2 definitions]