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dash to throw or toss with great force so as to break. [2/8 definitions]
delicate easy to break or hurt. [1/5 definitions]
digest to break down into materials that can be absorbed and used by the body. [1/3 definitions]
digestive system the parts of the body that work together to break down food so that it can be used by the body as energy. The human digestive system includes the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines.
disconnect to break off or stop the connection of or between. [2 definitions]
disintegrate to come apart; break down into parts or pieces. [2 definitions]
disperse to break up and scatter. [1/3 definitions]
disrupt to interrupt or break off. [1/2 definitions]
erupt to break or burst out suddenly.
flaw1 a crack or break. [1/3 definitions]
fracture a break or crack. [3 definitions]
give to break under pressure. [1/7 definitions]
harrow a farm tool used to break up and level ground that has been plowed. A harrow has spikes or upright disks mounted on a heavy frame. [2/3 definitions]
hatch1 to help young animals develop inside their eggs and then to break out or be born. Birds, reptiles, and certain kinds of fish hatch eggs. [1/3 definitions]
homogenize to break up and blend the particles of fat in.
hull1 to strip or break the outer layers from vegetables or seeds. [1/3 definitions]
icebreaker a ship that can break a passage through thick ice. [1/2 definitions]
interrupt to cause to stop; break off. [1/2 definitions]
invade to disturb or break into without being asked or wanted; intrude on; violate. [1/2 definitions]
mob (informal) an organized group of people who break the law. [1/4 definitions]
rash2 a condition in which red bumps or spots break out on the skin. [1/2 definitions]