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daylight the light of the day.
dazzle to make almost blind with too much bright light. [1/2 definitions]
delicate pleasing to the senses in a light, soft, or mild way. [1/5 definitions]
dimmer a device that controls the brightness of an electric light.
doze to fall into a light sleep (often followed by "off"). [2/3 definitions]
drizzle to rain in light drops. [2 definitions]
expose to allow light to reach in order to make a photographic image. [1/3 definitions]
exposure the act of exposing film to light, or the amount of time that film is exposed to light. [1/6 definitions]
fair1 of a light tone. [1/7 definitions]
feather one of the soft and light parts of a bird that grows from the skin and covers the body. [1/2 definitions]
ferret a small mammal with light fur and black feet. Ferrets are a kind of weasel. They live in the plains of North America, where they eat prairie dogs. The North American ferret is closely related to the European ferret or polecat. [1/4 definitions]
film a thin strip of material covered with a substance that changes in the light. Film is used to make photographs and movies. [1/5 definitions]
filter a device that controls or changes the brightness of light or character of a sound. [1/5 definitions]
fire the heat, light, and flames produced by burning. [1/9 definitions]
firefly an insect whose lower body flashes with light at night. A firefly is a kind of beetle.
flake any small, light, usually flat thing. [1/4 definitions]
flame the mixture of burning gas and vapor that rises from an object that is on fire. Flame is seen as brightly colored, flickering light. [1/4 definitions]
flare a sudden bright light. [2/5 definitions]
flash a sudden, bright light that shines, then quickly disappears. [2/7 definitions]
flashlight a small lamp or light that is held in the hand and powered by batteries.
flick a sharp, light snap or blow. [2/4 definitions]