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dead the darkest or coldest period. [1/8 definitions]
decathlon an athletic contest made up of ten different track and field events. Each athlete takes part in all ten events, over a period of two days.
decimal point a period placed between the units and the tenths in decimal numbers. It is used when writing money amounts to separate dollars and cents.
deep the most intense period. [1/7 definitions]
delay the period of time during which someone or something is delayed. [1/6 definitions]
down1 a bad period. [1/13 definitions]
drought a long period with little or no rain.
engagement a promise to marry, or a period of time before a promised marriage. [1/3 definitions]
eon a very long period of time.
epoch an important period in human history.
era a period of time in history. An era often begins or ends with an important event.
eternity a period of time that seems to last forever. [1/2 definitions]
evening the period between late afternoon and nightfall. [1/2 definitions]
fast2 a period when one does not eat any food. [1/3 definitions]
fling a short period of fun and play with no cares. [1/3 definitions]
freeze a period of very cold weather. [1/6 definitions]
frequency the number of times something happens within a certain period of time. [2/3 definitions]
generation the period of time between the birth of parents and the birth of their children. [1/3 definitions]
half time the rest period between the two halves of football and basketball games and certain other sports events.
ice age a long period of time when glaciers covered large parts of the earth.
in during a period of time that is less than or equal to. [1/7 definitions]