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density the state or condition of having parts very close together with little space between.
directly without space or action in between. [1/3 definitions]
distance the measure of space between things, places, or points in time. [2/3 definitions]
distant far away in time or space. [1/3 definitions]
dock1 to link with another spacecraft while out in space. [1/5 definitions]
draft a current of air in a closed space such as a room, chimney, or stove. [1/8 definitions]
enclosure a space that is surrounded, or something that surrounds. [1/2 definitions]
fairground (often plural) an open, flat space where fairs are held.
far at or to a long distance in space or time. [2/4 definitions]
fill to take up all or most of the space in. [1/7 definitions]
fireplace a brick or stone space in a room for making fires. A fireplace has a chimney, which keeps smoke from building up inside the room.
flat1 (sometimes plural) something flat or having a long level space, such as an area of land. [1/11 definitions]
flight1 an act of passing through air or space by flying. [1/4 definitions]
furthest most distant in time or space. "Furthest" is a superlative form of the adverb far. [1/2 definitions]
gable the part of an outside wall that is shaped like a triangle because it fills the space between two sloping ends of a roof.
gap a space or opening made by or as if by breaking or separating. [2 definitions]
go1 to fit; be allowed to have enough space. [1/16 definitions]
gorge a narrow space between rocky cliffs. [1/2 definitions]
heavenly having to do with heaven as in religion or the space above the earth. [1/2 definitions]
hold2 the space inside a ship used to store things.
hollow having an empty space on the inside; not solid within. [2/7 definitions]