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depot a place for storing and giving out military supplies or other goods. [1/2 definitions]
division a unit in government, business, the military, schools, sports, and other institutions. [1/6 definitions]
draft the choosing of one or more people for military duty or for certain sports teams. [2/8 definitions]
enlist to sign up to serve in the military or in some cause. [1/2 definitions]
furlough a vacation for a person in the military.
garrison a military force that is located in a fort, village, or similar place. [3/4 definitions]
general an officer of high military rank in the U.S. and other armed forces. [1/4 definitions]
headquarters the place or center of command of a military unit or police force. [1/2 definitions]
infantry soldiers on foot, or the branch of the military to which they belong.
installation a relatively permanent military camp. [1/2 definitions]
intelligence the branch of government or the military that collects and analyzes information about other governments. [1/3 definitions]
issue to give out to members of the military. [1/4 definitions]
jeep (Trademark) a brand of sturdy, powerful car made for driving off roads on rough ground. It was first made for military use. [1/2 definitions]
khaki a sturdy cloth of this color, used for military uniforms and work clothes. [1/3 definitions]
lieutenant a military officer of low rank.
major the military rank above captain and below lieutenant colonel. [1/3 definitions]
martial having to do with war or military activities.
militia a group of trained citizens who are not soldiers but can serve as members of the military in an emergency.
muster a group brought together or assembled, such as a military unit. [1/4 definitions]
navy (often capitalized) the part of a nation's military organization that conducts war on or over the sea. [1/3 definitions]
outpost a military post at some distance from a main station.