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die1 to lose force or stop working. [1/4 definitions]
disabled not working. [1/2 definitions]
efficient operating or working in a way that gets results, with little wasted effort.
electric working by or giving off electricity. [1/3 definitions]
fail to stop working. [1/7 definitions]
go1 to be moving or working properly. [1/16 definitions]
grease a thick, oily material used on machine parts, such as those in a car engine. Grease lets the parts rub against one another smoothly while the machine is working. [1/4 definitions]
idle not active or in use; not working. [2/6 definitions]
industrious working hard; producing in an active way.
ingenious clever or creative in setting up or working through problems.
intern2 a doctor who recently graduated from medical school and is working with more experienced doctors to finish training. [1/2 definitions]
interplanetary being, happening, or working between planets.
junk1 to throw away because no longer working or valuable. [1/2 definitions]
knuckle down to start working in a serious manner.
Labor Day a holiday in the United States and Canada to honor the labor of working people. Labor Day is the first Monday in September.
labor union a group of workers that help and protect each other's interests. Labor unions ask employers to improve wages and working conditions.
machinery the working parts of a machine. [1/3 definitions]
mechanism the working or moving part or process that causes a result. [1/2 definitions]
mole3 a person who spies for one country by getting a job working for the government of another country. [1/2 definitions]
nursery a place where babies and young children are taken care of while their parents are working or in school; nursery school. [1/3 definitions]
operation the act or process of working or running. [1/4 definitions]