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active doing something or able to do something; working; functioning. [1/2 definitions]
anemia a medical condition caused by having too few red blood cells or red blood cells that are not working properly. People with anemia may be pale, feel weak, and have difficulty breathing.
antidote a substance that stops poison from working or cures a disease.
attack to start working on with energy and determination; tackle. [1/5 definitions]
automatic working or operating by itself. [1/2 definitions]
backfire to give off a loud explosive noise that means the engine of a car or other vehicle is not working properly. [2/3 definitions]
bench a table for working on, often with space for tools. [1/4 definitions]
blockhouse a structure used to protect people who are working on or watching a rocket launch or weapons test. [1/2 definitions]
blow2 to burst or stop working from being filled or used too much. [1/7 definitions]
break down to stop or stop working. [1/2 definitions]
broken cracked or smashed into separate pieces, or no longer working. [1/5 definitions]
bug (informal) a mistake or fault that keeps something from working properly. [1/6 definitions]
busy doing something or working on something; active. [1/4 definitions]
call it a day to finish working.
close to stop working; become no longer available for business. [1/14 definitions]
clutch1 a device for working the gears of an engine, as in a car. [1/4 definitions]
collapse to stop working or end suddenly; fail. [1/5 definitions]
cooperation the act of working together.
coordination the working together of different muscles to carry out a complicated movement. [1/2 definitions]
desktop the flat, upper working surface of a desk. [1/2 definitions]
die1 to lose force or stop working. [1/4 definitions]