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disagreement a difference of opinion. [1/2 definitions]
disapprove to have a low opinion of someone or something; not approve (often followed by "of").
disfavor an opinion that is not favorable; dislike or disapproval.
disinterested not having a personal interest in or opinion about something.
dissent to disagree with an opinion or belief held by many others. [2 definitions]
editorial an article in a newspaper, or a statement on television, that gives an opinion or point of view. [1/2 definitions]
esteem to have a high opinion of; respect; honor. [2 definitions]
estimation a careful guess or opinion based on experience and information.
feel to have a belief or opinion. [1/7 definitions]
foundation the basis of something such as an action, substance, structure, or opinion. [1/4 definitions]
guess to form an opinion without enough information to be certain. [2/4 definitions]
haughty proud in a way that shows a low opinion of others; thinking of others as beneath oneself.
have a bone to pick to have reason for an argument or difference of opinion.
idea an opinion, theory, or conviction. [1/4 definitions]
impression a strong feeling, idea, or opinion that comes from experience with something. [1/3 definitions]
input an opinion, advice, or help. [1/3 definitions]
judge a person who knows enough about something to give an opinion or suggestion. [2/6 definitions]
judgment an opinion formed after carefully studying all of the information. [1/2 definitions]
mind desire or opinion. [1/6 definitions]
must1 used to express, with certainty, some opinion or thought that is based just on what seems logical. [1/4 definitions]
notion an idea, opinion, or view. [1/2 definitions]