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admire to have a high opinion of; respect. [1/2 definitions]
advice an idea or opinion offered as help in making a choice or a decision.
ageism the act of having a bad opinion of, or not treating in a fair way, a person or group of people based on age. This kind of discrimination is often against older people.
agree to have the same opinion or feel the same way (often followed by "with"). [1/5 definitions]
ammunition any means used in a disagreement or battle to attack or defend an opinion. [1/2 definitions]
approval good opinion; favorable thoughts. [1/2 definitions]
authority a source of expert information or opinion. [1/3 definitions]
belief a strong opinion. [1/3 definitions]
bias an opinion or liking that does not let one be fair; prejudice. [1/3 definitions]
chime in to interrupt suddenly; add one's opinion.
comment a written or spoken statement of opinion. [2 definitions]
conceited having too high an opinion of oneself; vain.
conclude to think about carefully and form an opinion. [1/2 definitions]
conclusion an opinion reached after careful thinking. [1/2 definitions]
concur to share the same opinion; agree.
conviction a belief or opinion that is strongly held. [1/3 definitions]
deduction an opinion or solution reached by this process. [1/3 definitions]
degrade to lower in the opinion of others or in self-respect. [1/3 definitions]
differ to have a different opinion; disagree. [1/2 definitions]
disagree to differ in opinion. [1/3 definitions]
disagreement a difference of opinion. [1/2 definitions]