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ditch a long narrow opening in the ground used to drain away or supply water. [1/2 definitions]
drag to trail behind or on the ground. [1/6 definitions]
dugout a hole in the ground used as a shelter for protection from storms or bombs. [1/3 definitions]
earth the outer layer of the planet; ground. [1/4 definitions]
earthquake a shaking or other movement of part of the earth's surface. It is caused by movement deep within the earth. Earthquakes can cause the ground to split.
elevation the height to which something rises or is raised, or its height above sea level or ground level. [1/2 definitions]
erect to build from the ground up. [1/4 definitions]
flat1 in a position that is level to the ground. [1/11 definitions]
floor the ground surface. [1/6 definitions]
flour the fine, ground meal or powder of wheat or other grain. Flour is used to make bread, pasta, and other foods. [1/2 definitions]
fog a thick mass, like a cloud, made up of tiny water drops floating in the air near the ground; mist. [1/4 definitions]
furrow a long narrow ditch made in the ground for planting seeds. [1/3 definitions]
gallop the fastest pace of a horse or other animal that has four legs. During a gallop, all four feet are off the ground at one point during each stride. [1/3 definitions]
golf a game played on a large outdoor course with small holes in the ground spaced far apart. Players use a set of special clubs to hit a small white ball into each of the series of holes. There are nine or eighteen holes in a golf course. The object of the game is to get the ball into each hole using as few strokes as possible. [1/2 definitions]
grain the small hard seeds of cereal plants such as wheat or rice. Grain is used for food and often ground into flour. [1/4 definitions]
grave1 a hole dug in the ground where a dead body is buried.
graveyard an area of ground where dead people are buried; cemetery.
grits ground white corn. Grits are a kind of cereal that is cooked before eating.
ground1 to run against the ground. [2/9 definitions]
ground beef beef that has been ground up into very small pieces for use in such things as hamburgers, meatloaf, and meat sauces.
hamburger ground beef, or a round, flat patty of ground beef, or the sandwich in which such meat is commonly served after it is cooked..