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download a computer file that is sent from one computer to another. [2 definitions]
electronic mail a written message sent between people from a computer in one location to a computer in another location; e-mail.
email the practice or system by which written messages are sent from one computer to another; electronic mail. [4 definitions]
enter to write on a list; type into a computer. [1/7 definitions]
filename the name of a file on a computer. Every file on a computer must have a unique name.
floppy disk a thin plastic disk with a special coating, on which computer information can be stored; diskette.
graphics (used with a singular or plural verb) the process of making drawings, charts, and other images on a computer screen. [1/2 definitions]
hacker (informal) someone who is expert at correcting computer programs and is seen as a person interested only in computers. [2 definitions]
hard drive a device for storing information on a computer's hard disk. A hard drive can be built into a computer or can sit outside the computer and be connected to it by a cable.
hardware all the mechanical and electronic parts of a computer. [1/2 definitions]
html abbreviation for "hypertext markup language," a computer language used to create documents on the World Wide Web.
hypertext markup language a computer language used to create documents on the World Wide Web; html.
input information that is put into a computer. [2/3 definitions]
interactive allowing two-way communication between a computer and a person. [1/2 definitions]
interface the equipment or programs used to communicate between different computer systems or programs.
Internet the world's largest computer network, which is made of millions of computers that are linked together. Some parts of the Internet are the World Wide Web, electronic mail, and chat rooms.
joystick (informal) the control stick for an airplane, computer, or game.
kilobyte a unit of measurement equal to 1,024 bytes. Kilobytes are used to measure the amount of electronic information that can be stored by a computer. (abbreviated: k)
laptop computer a small computer that is easy to carry; notebook computer.
light pen an electronic device that can detect light and dark areas on a computer screen. It is used to select objects on the screen.
log on to enter a computer system with a password.