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drop a sudden fall. [1/9 definitions]
emergency a serious situation or sudden crisis that calls for fast action.
explosion a laugh, cry, or yell that is sudden and loud. [1/2 definitions]
fall (usually plural) a sudden drop in a river or stream that causes water to fall; waterfall. [1/10 definitions]
fit2 a sudden attack, outbreak, or convulsion related to an illness. [2 definitions]
flare a sudden bright light. [1/5 definitions]
flash a sudden, bright light that shines, then quickly disappears. [3/7 definitions]
flurry a sudden, short spell of activity or excitement. [1/2 definitions]
flush1 a sudden burst of feeling. [1/7 definitions]
fright strong fear caused by sudden danger. [1/2 definitions]
gasp a sudden, brief taking in of air through the mouth, because of surprise or difficulty breathing. [1/3 definitions]
gentle gradual or mild; not steep or sudden. [1/4 definitions]
gleam a sudden or quick feeling. [1/3 definitions]
gush a sudden or heavy flow that happens with great force. [1/3 definitions]
gust a sudden rush or blast of wind. [2 definitions]
headlong sudden or quick. [1/4 definitions]
hiccup a sudden uncontrolled taking in of breath that is also stopped very quickly. A squeaking sound is often produced along with it. A hiccup is caused when the muscles used to breathe tighten up. [1/3 definitions]
hit the jackpot (informal) to have sudden good luck or success; to win a jackpot.
impulse a sudden wish or desire that makes a person want to do something. [1/2 definitions]
impulsive done as a result of a sudden desire, without thinking or planning. [1/2 definitions]
jam1 to hurt by strong, sudden pressure. [1/8 definitions]