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duckling a young duck.
egg1 a round or oval object that contains what may become a young bird, reptile, insect, or other animal. Each egg includes food to help a developing animal grow. Bird and reptile eggs have shells. Some kinds of eggs are used as food by people and other animals. [1/2 definitions]
fawn1 a young deer, especially one that is still drinking its mother's milk.
female any person or animal of the sex that produces eggs or gives birth to young. [2/4 definitions]
fertile producing or able to produce young, seeds, fruit, eggs, or other offspring. [1/3 definitions]
filly a young female horse, usually one that is five years old or younger.
foal a young horse, donkey, or related animal, usually one that is less than a year old. [1/2 definitions]
Four-H club an organization in the U.S. that teaches young people about farming and how to take care of a home. Four-H clubs are so named because they are meant to improve the heads, hearts, hands, and health of their members.
gosling a very young goose.
green the color of grass or of young, growing leaves; the color between yellow and blue on the color spectrum. [1/8 definitions]
green pepper a hollow, somewhat round, fruit that is eaten as a vegetable, especially in salads. The taste of a green pepper is not spicy. A green pepper is called that when the pepper is young and green. If the pepper is allowed to mature, it will become red.
grub the larva of some beetles and other insects. Grubs are a young stage in the growth of the insect. They look like short, fat worms. [1/3 definitions]
hatch1 to help young animals develop inside their eggs and then to break out or be born. Birds, reptiles, and certain kinds of fish hatch eggs. [1/3 definitions]
heifer a young cow that has not had a calf.
hoodlum a rough young man who gets into trouble. [1/2 definitions]
hostel a place that offers shelter at a low cost for young people who are traveling.
infant young or early; still growing or developing. [1/3 definitions]
jack the face card with the lowest value in a deck of cards. The jack is pictured as a young man in uniform. [1/5 definitions]
juvenile young; not grown up. [3/4 definitions]
kid1 a young goat. [3 definitions]
kindergarten a program for very young children. Kindergarten teaches some of the activities that are done in school.