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embrace to hold closely in one's arms; hug. [1/3 definitions]
engage to get or hold the interest of; occupy. [1/4 definitions]
enthrall to hold the complete attention of; fascinate.
fang a long, pointed tooth. Some animals use their fangs to hold and tear prey. Some snakes have hollow fangs through which they inject poison.
fascinate to attract and hold the attention and interest of.
fix to hold steady or direct. [1/7 definitions]
float any object that floats on water. A float is often used to hold up something else on or in the water. [1/4 definitions]
fold1 to hold close; clasp or twine together. [1/8 definitions]
folder a piece of paper or cardboard folded at the center. A folder can hold papers or letters. [1/3 definitions]
full1 not able to hold or contain any more. [1/4 definitions]
garter an elastic band used to hold up a stocking or shirt sleeve.
glue to fasten or hold with or as if with glue. [1/2 definitions]
govern to control or hold back. [1/2 definitions]
grab to take hold of suddenly or with force; snatch. [1/2 definitions]
grasp to take hold of with a hand or other thing that is capable of holding. [1/4 definitions]
grill a rack of metal bars used to hold foods for cooking over flames. [1/4 definitions]
grip to grasp or hold firmly. [2/6 definitions]
guy2 a rope or wire used to guide something or hold something in place.
hamper2 a large basket or container with a cover, used to hold picnic supplies or dirty laundry.
handle the part of an object made to be held in order to lift, move, or hold the object. [1/5 definitions]
have to hold or possess at the present time. [2/9 definitions]