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accordion a musical instrument with a keyboard that is small enough to carry. An accordion is played by pressing the keys and squeezing the bellows to force air through metal reeds.
alto a musical instrument having the second highest range in its family of instruments. [1/4 definitions]
anemometer an instrument that measures the speed and force of the wind.
bagpipe a wind instrument made of a leather bag and pipes. It is played by blowing air into the bag and squeezing the bag to force air through pipes that produce musical tones.
balance an instrument for weighing objects that has two flat pans hanging from or resting on a bar; scales. [1/6 definitions]
banjo a musical instrument with a circular body, a long neck, and four or five strings that are plucked or strummed.
barometer an instrument that measures the pressure of the atmosphere and is used to predict the weather.
bass1 the largest musical instrument with strings in the orchestra. It is played with a bow and produces low, deep tones. [1/3 definitions]
bassoon a large woodwind instrument. The bassoon has a long wooden body attached to a curved, metal tube with a mouthpiece at its end.
bell the opening of a brass or wind instrument where the sound comes out. [1/2 definitions]
bellows (used with a singular or plural verb) a bag that can be expanded to draw air in and squeezed to force air out. Bellows are used to blow air on a fire or produce sound on a musical instrument.
brass (often plural) a wind instrument made of brass. [1/2 definitions]
cello a large musical instrument with four strings. The cello is in the violin family but has a deeper tone than the violin.
clarinet a woodwind instrument with a reed mouthpiece attached to a long tube with finger holes and keys along its length.
compass an instrument for showing direction. A typical compass has a moving magnetic needle that points north. [2 definitions]
cornet a brass wind instrument that is like a trumpet but smaller.
cymbal a percussion instrument that is round and made of metal. Cymbals are played by striking a pair of them together or hitting one with a drumstick or brushes.
double bass the largest instrument of the violin family and that which has the deepest tone. The double bass is often called simply "the bass."
drone2 a low, steady hum, as of a bee or a musical instrument such as a bagpipe. [1/3 definitions]
drum a percussion instrument shaped like a cylinder. A drum has a hollow body covered at one or both ends by a tight material. It is played by beating with sticks or the hands. [1/5 definitions]
English horn a woodwind instrument that looks like the oboe but is larger and lower in tone.