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enthusiastic having or showing great interest.
excitement something that stimulates or causes much interest. [1/2 definitions]
fascinate to attract and hold the attention and interest of.
feel like to have a desire for or interest in.
field an area of special activity or interest. [1/5 definitions]
flat1 having little interest, energy, or flavor; dull. [1/11 definitions]
forum a public meeting to discuss some problem of public or general interest. [1/2 definitions]
guild a group of people who work together on a common interest or hobby. [1/2 definitions]
halfhearted done with or showing little interest or enthusiasm.
hobby1 an interest or activity that one does for pleasure in one's spare time.
hold1 to keep the interest of. [1/13 definitions]
hype to create interest in by making exaggerated claims. [2 definitions]
indifferent without interest or concern; not caring.
interesting causing attention to, concern about, or interest in.
interfere to show too much interest in the lives of others without having been asked; meddle (usually followed by "with" or "in"). [1/2 definitions]
intrigue to draw the strong interest of; puzzle; fascinate. [1/2 definitions]
jargon1 special words or language used by a particular group or to describe a particular interest.
lend to give someone money that must be paid back. Usually there is also a payment of interest. [1/3 definitions]
loan to lend money that must be repaid with interest. [1/4 definitions]
love strong interest in or liking for something. [2/5 definitions]
lukewarm showing little interest or enthusiasm. [1/2 definitions]