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exercise activity done to keep the body or mind strong or to make them stronger. [1/6 definitions]
faculty one of the abilities of the human mind. Memory, reasoning, and perception are all faculties. [1/3 definitions]
fancy something pictured in the mind or wished for that may not be based on reason or real life. [1/7 definitions]
faraway not paying attention, as if one's mind were on distant subjects. [1/2 definitions]
fatigue the condition of being tired in body or mind. [1/2 definitions]
feeble without strength; weak in body or mind.
figure out to find an answer to a problem or puzzling question by using the power of the mind.
form the state of being fit in body or mind for sports or other activities. [1/8 definitions]
grimly in a grim manner; firmly and cheerlessly, and without giving rise to hope of a change of mind or change of fate.
harbor to have in the mind. [1/5 definitions]
haunt to come very often and painfully to the mind or memory of (a person). [1/3 definitions]
have to think about or hold in mind. [1/9 definitions]
head mind; intellect; understanding. [1/10 definitions]
health the condition of one's body or mind. [1/2 definitions]
healthy having to do with a good mind and body. [1/3 definitions]
hold1 to have in one's mind; to believe. [1/13 definitions]
humor a mood or state of mind. [1/4 definitions]
idea any thought, belief, picture, or image that is formed in the mind. [1/4 definitions]
imagery images that are created in the mind while reading or looking at art.
imagination the act or power of the mind to form a thought, picture, or image of something or someone that is not present to the senses.
imagine to form in the mind a thought, picture, or image of. [1/2 definitions]