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extreme far beyond what is usual or reasonable. [1/5 definitions]
herself in her normal, healthy, or usual condition. [1/3 definitions]
high above what is usual. [1/8 definitions]
himself in his normal, healthy, or usual condition. [1/3 definitions]
holiday a time of freedom from one's usual work or study. [1/2 definitions]
irregularity a failure to follow rules, customs, or usual ways. [1/2 definitions]
itself a normal, healthy, or usual condition. [1/3 definitions]
king-size larger than the usual size. [1/2 definitions]
late happening after the usual or expected time. [2/6 definitions]
load the usual amount carried or put into something. [1/6 definitions]
long1 having greater than usual length in distance or time. [1/6 definitions]
makeshift something used for a short time or in place of the usual thing. [1/2 definitions]
naked without the usual covering. [1/3 definitions]
normal close to what is usual, average, or standard. [2/4 definitions]
normally in a normal way; to the usual degree. [2 definitions]
odd different from what is expected or usual; strange. [1/4 definitions]
ordinary usual or normal. [3 definitions]
out of joint not joined in a proper or usual manner.
pale of a color that is lighter than usual because of sickness or emotion. [1/3 definitions]
practice an activity that is the usual way of doing something; rule; habit. [1/7 definitions]
prose writing or speech in its usual form of a series of sentences. Most language that is not poetry can be described as prose. Novels, short stories, essays, and letters are examples of writing done in prose.