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fiesta a festival or religious celebration in nations where Spanish is spoken.
hermit a person who lives alone and away from others. Often a person becomes a hermit in order to lead a religious life.
House of Lords one of the houses of the British parliament, made up of nobles and certain religious leaders. Members are not elected.
icon an image or picture of a religious figure which is itself seen as holy by some Christian churches. [1/3 definitions]
Mass a religious ceremony in the Roman Catholic and certain other churches. At a Mass, people seek communion with God.
minister a person authorized to perform or help at the religious services of some religions. [1/4 definitions]
mission a group of people sent to a foreign land to set up relations and to start trade or religious work. [1/5 definitions]
missionary a person who is sent by a church or religious order to a foreign country to teach, convert, heal, or serve.
monk a man who has joined other men in a religious community and taken vows to live a simple life.
Muhammad an Arab religious leader and the person who started Islam. He lived from A.D. 570 to A.D. 632.
novice A person who is training to be a member of a religious order. [1/2 definitions]
nun1 a woman who is a member of a religious order. Nuns promise to live simply, not marry, and obey God. Many nuns live in convents.
pagoda a religious temple of Asia that has curved roof lines at each of its many stories.
parable a very short story told to teach a moral or religious lesson.
pilgrim someone who takes a trip to a holy place for a religious purpose. [1/2 definitions]
pilgrimage a usually long trip undertaken for religious purposes, such as to visit a holy place.
pious showing love for a god or gods in thought and action; religious. [2 definitions]
priest a person who is authorized by a church to lead prayers and religious services.
Quaker a member of a Christian religious group founded in England about 1650, called the Society of Friends.
religion the practice of one's religious beliefs. [1/3 definitions]
religious showing or having religious beliefs. [1/3 definitions]