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firecracker a small paper tube filled with gunpowder, which explodes and makes a loud noise when its fuse is lit. Firecrackers are sometimes used during celebrations.
fireworks devices that burn or explode to make noise, bright lights, or brilliant colors. [1/2 definitions]
grate2 to make a sharp grinding noise. [1/4 definitions]
gurgle to make a noise like a bubbling flow of liquid. [1/3 definitions]
hurtle to move with great speed and often with great noise. [1/2 definitions]
hush to become quiet; stop all noise. [2/5 definitions]
katydid a large, green insect that is related to the grasshopper. Katydids live in trees and are often heard calling on summer nights. The male makes a noise that sounds like "katydid" by rubbing its wings together.
musical like music rather than noise; having qualities similar to melody or harmony. [1/5 definitions]
noisy making a lot of noise. [2 definitions]
peal a long, loud noise. [2/3 definitions]
quiet making no sound or noise. [3/8 definitions]
racket1 a loud, confusing noise. [1/2 definitions]
rattle a baby's toy that makes a rattling noise when shaken. [1/6 definitions]
roar a loud, steady noise made by things such as flames, surf, or machines. [1/4 definitions]
siren a warning device that makes a loud, piercing noise.
slam1 to shut with force and loud noise. [3/4 definitions]
smack2 to make a sharp noise by quickly closing and then opening. [1/6 definitions]
smash to break into small pieces by hitting, throwing, or dropping, often making a loud noise. [1/10 definitions]
smoke detector a device that makes a loud noise to warn people of smoke or fire.
snap to break suddenly with a cracking noise. [7/15 definitions]
static noise caused by electricity in the air that interferes with radio or TV reception. [1/5 definitions]