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blare a loud, harsh noise. [1/2 definitions]
boom1 to make a deep, hollow noise. [1/4 definitions]
bumblebee a large, furry bee, often with black and yellow stripes. Bumblebees make a loud humming or buzzing noise when they fly.
cackle the shrill, broken noise that a hen makes, especially after laying an egg. [1/4 definitions]
cicada a large insect with a stout body and two pairs of thin, clear wings. The male cicada makes a loud, shrill noise.
clamor a loud noise that goes on for sometime. [1/3 definitions]
clash to strike together with force, making a loud noise. [1/5 definitions]
clatter to make a loud rattling noise. [2 definitions]
click to cause to make a clicking noise. [1/7 definitions]
cluck to make the noise of a hen calling chicks. [1/2 definitions]
crack to cause to make a sudden sharp noise. [1/9 definitions]
crash1 to make a loud noise as if being smashed. [3/7 definitions]
creak to make or move with a grinding or squeaking noise. [1/2 definitions]
cricket1 an insect that is related to a grasshopper. It has long antennae and strong hind legs for jumping. The male makes a chirping noise by rubbing his front wings together.
crunch to chew with a crackling noise; crush by biting. [1/3 definitions]
deafen to overcome with loud noise. [1/2 definitions]
din a loud, steady noise. [1/2 definitions]
disturb to interrupt, especially by making noise. [1/3 definitions]
explosion the act of bursting or the noise made by bursting. [1/2 definitions]
fire alarm a device that gives off a noise to signal that a fire is occurring.
firecracker a small paper tube filled with gunpowder, which explodes and makes a loud noise when its fuse is lit. Firecrackers are sometimes used during celebrations.