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fleece material with a deep, soft pile. [1/3 definitions]
foghorn a loud, deep horn on a ship or on the shore, used in fog or at night to give warning signals.
golden having a shiny, deep yellow color. [1/3 definitions]
Grand Canyon a long, deep valley with steep, rocky walls formed by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is in northwestern Arizona.
grave2 very serious or important; causing deep concern. [1/3 definitions]
groan a deep sound made to show pain, grief, or sadness. [1/2 definitions]
growl to make a deep, rumbling sound to express anger or hostility. [2/3 definitions]
grumble to make deep, muffled sounds; rumble. [2/4 definitions]
grunt to make the short deep sound of a hog, or a sound similar to this. [2/3 definitions]
gulf a deep crack in the earth's surface. [1/3 definitions]
gully a deep cut or ditch in the land made by running water.
heartbroken filled with deep and sometimes lasting sorrow or grief.
hollow dull or deep in tone. [1/7 definitions]
hound any of several breeds of dogs. Hounds have short hair, a deep voice, and long, drooping ears. They are used for hunting. [1/3 definitions]
indigo a deep blue violet color; the color between blue and violet on the color spectrum. [1/3 definitions]
insight the power to understand deep meanings or truths. [1/2 definitions]
intense strong or very deep. [1/2 definitions]
jet2 a deep, shiny black color.
kettle a wide, deep pot used for boiling liquids, such as water or soup. [1/2 definitions]
kettledrum a large, deep drum that is shaped like a bowl and played with soft mallets.
ladle a spoon with a long handle and a deep bowl used for serving liquids such as soup or punch. [1/2 definitions]