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flimsy not solid or strong; weak.
freeze to harden into ice or become solid from cold temperatures. [1/6 definitions]
frozen changed into a solid or made hard by freezing. [1/4 definitions]
gas a form of matter that is neither liquid nor solid. A gas rapidly spreads out when it is warmed and contracts when it is cooled. [1/3 definitions]
geometry the area of mathematics concerned with the study of shapes and objects. Geometry deals with the measurement and relation of angles, points, lines, planes, and solid figures. [1/2 definitions]
ground1 the earth's solid surface; land. [1/9 definitions]
hammer a hand tool with a solid, heavy head on a handle. It is used to pound or to beat something into shape or place. [1/5 definitions]
hard not soft; solid; firm; tough. [1/9 definitions]
hedge a solid row of bushes, used as a kind of fence. [1/3 definitions]
hollow having an empty space on the inside; not solid within. [1/7 definitions]
ice water in a frozen, solid state. [1/6 definitions]
land the solid part of the earth's surface. [1/9 definitions]
large intestine the large, lower part of the intestines. The large intestine absorbs water from digested food and forms solid waste matter.
liquid in a form that flows easily and is neither a solid nor a gas. [2 definitions]
massive having a very large amount of matter; big and heavy; solid. [1/2 definitions]
melt to change from a solid to a liquid state through heat or pressure. [2/4 definitions]
metal any solid mineral element that exhibits certain characteristics such as the ability to conduct heat or electricity. Most metals may be shaped under heat or pressure. Iron, silver, copper, and gold are metals.
mill1 a machine that grinds or crushes whole or solid substances. [1/5 definitions]
nugget a small, solid lump.
pack1 to form into a thick or solid mass. [1/8 definitions]
phosphorus a substance that is a chemical element. One of the common forms of phosphorus is a poisonous yellow solid that glows in moist air. Phosphorus is important to living things. It is used in fertilizers to help plants grow. (symbol: P)