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freeze to harden into ice or become solid from cold temperatures. [3/6 definitions]
freezer a very cold refrigerator that freezes foods or stores frozen foods.
frigid very cold; freezing. [2 definitions]
front the forward edge of a mass of cold or warm air. [1/6 definitions]
glacier a large mass of ice formed in cold regions from compacted snow and very slowly moving down a slope or across land.
goose bump roughness of the skin that looks like the skin of a plucked goose. Goose bumps last only for a short while and are caused by cold or fear.
goose flesh roughness of the skin that looks like the skin of a plucked goose. Goose flesh lasts only for a short while and is caused by cold or fear.
goose pimple a small bump on the skin caused by cold or fear.
ice to make very cold, especially through contact with ice; chill. [1/6 definitions]
icebox a box that contains ice and is used for keeping food cold. [1/2 definitions]
icy very cold. [1/3 definitions]
nip1 to cause to sting sharply with cold. [2/6 definitions]
overcoat an outer coat worn in rainy or cold weather.
refrigerate to make cold or cool.
refrigerator a room, box, or appliance where food is kept cold to prevent spoiling.
reptile a cold-blooded animal with a skeleton inside its body and dry scales or hard plates on its skin. Most reptiles lay eggs with soft, leathery shells. Some kinds of reptiles live in water, but use their noses to breathe air into their lungs. Lizards, turtles, snakes, and crocodiles are kinds of reptiles. Most reptiles have short legs, but snakes creep on the ground without legs.
salad a mixture of cold vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, served with a dressing. [1/2 definitions]
seal2 a mammal that spends most of its life in the ocean. Seals are a kind of pinniped, or mammal with flippers instead of feet. Various kinds of seals live in both warm and cold parts of the world's oceans. A few kinds live in fresh water. Seals are carnivores that eat fish and sea birds. They are closely related to sea lions and walruses.
shake to tremble with cold; shiver. [1/10 definitions]
snap a short period of cold weather. [1/15 definitions]
sniffle to sniff continuously because of a cold or crying. [2/3 definitions]