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gardenia a type of shrub from Asia that is grown for its large flowers that have a pleasant smell. [1/2 definitions]
genial mild, pleasant, or comfortable. [1/2 definitions]
good pleasant. [1/12 definitions]
good-natured having or showing a pleasant, cheerful, or friendly character or mood.
harmony a pleasant or organized relation among the parts of something. [2/3 definitions]
horrible not pleasant; very ugly or bad. [1/2 definitions]
horrid very bad; not pleasant. [1/2 definitions]
incense1 a substance that has a pleasant smell when burned.
jonquil a white or yellow flower with a pleasant smell. The jonquil is much like the daffodil.
lily of the valley a plant of the lily family that has small, white flowers shaped like bells. The flowers have a pleasant smell and are grown by many people.
luxury something very pleasant but not necessary. [1/2 definitions]
melodious having a pleasant melody. [1/2 definitions]
melody musical sounds in a pleasant order and arrangement. [1/2 definitions]
mint1 a plant with a strong, pleasant smell whose leaves are used as a flavoring. Peppermint and spearmint are members of the mint family. [1/2 definitions]
nice pleasant; attractive. [2/4 definitions]
obnoxious offensive or not pleasant.
offensive not pleasant; disagreeable. [1/4 definitions]
pastime an activity that makes the time pass in a pleasant way.
perfume a liquid, made from flowers, herbs, or other substances that has a pleasant smell. Perfume is put on the body. [2/3 definitions]
quaint pleasant in an old-fashioned way.
sagebrush a bushy plant with silver leaves that have a pleasant smell. It has white or yellow flowers and grows in the dry plains of the western United States.