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girl a female child or teenager. [2 definitions]
girlfriend a favorite female friend that one feels attraction or love for. [2 definitions]
goddess a female god.
godmother a female godparent.
goose the female of this bird. The male is called a gander. [1/4 definitions]
granddaughter a female child of one's son or daughter.
grandma (informal) the female parent of one's parent; grandmother.
grouse1 a plump game bird with dull, spotted feathers. The male does a complicated dance or call for the female.
half sister a female who is a sister through one parent only.
heiress a female who has the right to or has received the money or property of a person who has died.
hen an adult female chicken or the female of other closely related birds, such as turkeys, pheasants, and peacocks.
her the female person or animal already talked about (a form of "she" used as an object of a verb or preposition.) [2 definitions]
heroine the main female character in a play, poem, story, or book. [1/2 definitions]
herself her own self (used to show that an action is done to the same female who carries out the action). [2/3 definitions]
horsefly a large fly that is sometimes found in large numbers around horses, cows, or other animals. Female horseflies bite and feed on the blood of people and animals.
koala a mammal with gray fur, round ears, and a short black nose. Koalas are marsupials and live in trees. The female has a pouch in her belly where she carries her baby. Koalas are only found in Australia. They are sometimes called "koala bears," but they are not related to true bears.
lioness a female lion.
mare1 an adult female horse, donkey, zebra, or related animal.
marsupial an animal in a group of mammals that includes kangaroos and opossums. Female marsupials have a pouch outside their belly where the mother carries her young after they are born. Most marsupials live in Australia.
milk a white liquid produced by female mammals as food for their young. [3/5 definitions]
mother1 a female parent. [2/5 definitions]