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goose a water bird that looks like a duck but is usually larger, with a longer neck and legs and a more pointed bill. Some geese are raised by farmers, and some are found in the wild. [1/4 definitions]
guitar a stringed instrument with a long neck and five, six, or twelve strings that are strummed or plucked.
halter1 a rope or strap that is set on the head or neck of a horse, ox, or other animal to tie or guide it. [2 definitions]
hang to kill by fastening a rope tied around the neck to a point above and removing all support. [1/5 definitions]
heron a wading bird with long legs, a long neck, and a long pointed bill. An egret is a kind of heron.
hood a covering for the head and neck, often attached to a coat, jacket, or robe. [2/3 definitions]
horse a large mammal with long legs and hooves. A horse has a long neck with a mane, short hair, and a long tail. In the wild, horses live in herds and eat grass and other plants. For thousands of years, people have used horses for riding and for pulling or carrying loads. [1/3 definitions]
kerchief a square cloth that is tied over the head or around the neck.
lei1 a wreath of flowers, usually worn around the neck in Hawaii.
lion a large, very strong mammal with short tan fur. Male lions have a mane of longer hair around the neck and head. Lions live in parts of Africa and Asia. They are carnivores and are closely related to tigers, leopards, and other big cats that roar.
llama an animal with long legs and a long neck. Llamas are mammals that live in the mountains of South America. They are closely related to camels, but are smaller. Llamas are raised for their meat, milk, and wool.
locket a small metal case that holds a picture or a lock of hair. It is usually worn on a chain around the neck.
lute a stringed instrument that has a bent neck and a body shaped like a pear.
mallard a common wild duck. The male has a shiny dark green head and neck.
mane the long hair on the back and sides of the neck of horses, lions, and other animals.
muffler clothing that is wrapped around the neck for warmth; scarf. [1/2 definitions]
neck the part of an article of clothing that fits around the neck. [1/3 definitions]
neckerchief a square of cloth folded and tied about the neck.
necklace jewelry worn around the neck. A necklace can be made of beads, precious stones, metals, or other materials.
necktie a strip of cloth worn around the neck, usually by men. A necktie is tucked under the collar of a shirt and knotted at the throat.
ostrich a large, powerful African bird that can run very fast but cannot fly. It has two toes on each foot and no feathers on its long legs and neck.