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Calcutta the capital city of a state in India. Calcutta is on the eastern coast.
capital1 the city where the government of a country, state, or province is located. [1/8 definitions]
Caracas the capital city of Venezuela.
Cheyenne the capital city of the U.S. state of Wyoming. [1/2 definitions]
Chicago a city in the U.S. state of Illinois. It is near the southern tip of Lake Michigan.
citizen a person who lives in and has the rights given by a town or city. [1/2 definitions]
city all of the people who live in a city. [1/2 definitions]
civic of or having to do with a city. [1/2 definitions]
coach a bus used for traveling from one city to another. [1/6 definitions]
consul a government official who lives in a foreign city. A consul looks after the interests of his or her nation's citizens who live or travel there.
Copenhagen the capital city of Denmark, on the eastern coast.
council a group of persons gathered together to discuss or make decisions about public matters. For example, a city council may make laws for or give advice on how to run a city.
district an area of a country, city, or other place used for a particular purpose. [1/2 definitions]
District of Columbia an area on the Maryland side of the Potomac River that contains only the U.S. capital city of Washington. (abbreviation: DC)
downtown at, to, or toward the lower part or the business area of a town or city. [2 definitions]
dude a person visiting a western U.S. ranch who is from the city or does not know much about ranch life. [1/2 definitions]
fire department a part of a city or town government that works to prevent and put out fires, or the people who work for it.
French Guiana a territory of France in northern South America, on the Atlantic coast. Cayenne is the capital city of French Guiana.
ghetto a part of a town or city in which people of a particular race or religion are forced by law to live. [1/2 definitions]
Guatemala a country in Central America. Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala.
Guinea-Bissau a country on the Atlantic coast of Africa between Guinea and Senegal. The capital of Guinea-Bissau is the city of Bissau.