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helping a normal amount of food served to a person at one meal.
lunch a meal eaten in the middle of the day, or any light meal during the day. [1/2 definitions]
luncheon a special meal served at lunch time.
mash a mixture of grain or meal and hot water that is fed to farm animals. [1/4 definitions]
mess a meal eaten by a group, or the room in which this meal is eaten. [1/5 definitions]
mush1 a thick, soft cereal that is made of corn meal boiled in water or milk. [1/2 definitions]
oatmeal meal made by grinding or rolling oats. [2 definitions]
pudding the British word for a sweet food served at the end of a meal. This meaning of pudding has the same meaning as dessert. [1/3 definitions]
roast an outdoor meal at which the main food is cooked by roasting. [1/6 definitions]
snack a small meal eaten between meals. [2/3 definitions]
supper an evening meal.
tablecloth a cloth laid over a dining table to protect its surface during a meal.
tea the British word for a light afternoon meal of tea and sandwiches, cake, or biscuits. [1/5 definitions]