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hexagon a flat, closed figure with six straight sides.
indirect not in a straight line, course, or route. [1/3 definitions]
intersection the point or place where two or more lines, roads, or other straight things meet.
leap to spring into the air, moving straight up or to another position. [1/3 definitions]
linear having to do with a line; straight. [1/2 definitions]
octagon a flat closed figure with eight straight sides.
parallelogram a flat closed figure with four straight sides. The opposite sides are parallel and equal to each other.
pentagon a flat closed figure with five straight sides. [1/2 definitions]
perpendicular straight up and down. [1/2 definitions]
plane1 a flat surface on which any two points can be joined by a straight line. [1/4 definitions]
plumb a small weight tied to a line. A plumb is used to measure the depth of water or to test if something is straight up and down. [2/5 definitions]
polygon a flat, closed figure with three or more sides bounded by straight lines.
pyramid a solid figure whose sides are triangles that meet at a single point. The base of a pyramid can be any flat shape with straight sides, such as a triangle or square. [1/3 definitions]
quadrilateral any flat closed figure with four straight sides, such as a square or parallelogram.
radius a straight line from the center to the edge of a circle or sphere. [1/2 definitions]
rectangle a flat, closed figure with four straight sides, four right angles, and opposite sides parallel to each other.
reed a tall grass with straight, jointed stalks that grows in low, wet areas. [1/2 definitions]
right directly; straight. [1/21 definitions]
rod a straight, thin stick or bar. [1/4 definitions]
row1 things or people arranged in a straight line. [1/2 definitions]
rule to mark with straight lines. [1/7 definitions]