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hickory a tree of the walnut family, found mostly in North America. The hickory has nuts that can be eaten and wood that is hard and useful. [1/2 definitions]
Huang He River a major river of China that begins in the mountains of the west and flows mostly eastward. It is also known as the Yellow River.
iguana a large lizard found mostly in the warmer parts of Central and South America. Many iguanas have a ridge of spines down the middle of the back. Unlike other lizards, iguanas eat only plants.
largely in large part; mostly; mainly.
limestone a rock formed mostly from shells and other animal remains. Limestone is used in building and in making cement, lime, and carbon dioxide.
Macedonia a region of southeastern Europe that lies mostly in Greece and in the country of North Macedonia.
mainly for the most part; mostly.
Missouri River a major river that flows from the state of Montana mostly southeast until it joins the Mississippi River in Missouri. The Missouri River is considered the longest river in the United States. It is the main tributary of the Mississippi River.
moth an insect that has broad wings and flies mostly at night. Moths look like butterflies, but they usually have thicker bodies and bushy antennae and are less colorful. [1/2 definitions]
office building a building that contains only or mostly business offices.
paper towel a small sheet of absorbent paper that is used mostly in the kitchen as a towel for such things as wiping surfaces or cleaning up spills. Paper towels are usually attached to other paper towels as part of a roll.
Paraná River a major river in South America that starts in Brazil and flows mostly south. The Paraná River eventually joins a river called the Uruguay and empties into the Atlantic Ocean at the border between the countries of Argentina and Uruguay.
primarily mainly; mostly; chiefly.
rainforest a dense evergreen forest, mostly found in tropical areas, that receives a large amount of rain all year long.
ring2 to call someone on the telephone. This meaning of "ring" is mostly used in British English. [1/11 definitions]
sandstone rock that is formed mostly of sand and held together with a substance similar to cement.
sea otter a mammal with thick brown fur, a long body, a flat tail, and short legs. Sea otters live mostly in the Pacific Ocean in areas near the coast of California and Alaska.
sea turtle a large turtle that lives mostly in the sea. Sea turtles have long legs that are wide and flat so that swimming is easy. Sea turtles come onto the land to lay their eggs.
Seminole a member of a North American Indian people that now live mostly in Florida and Oklahoma.
strip2 a long, narrow piece or area of mostly uniform width. [1/2 definitions]
sweet a British word for a sweet food made mostly from sugar. "Sweets" has the same meaning as "candy." [1/7 definitions]