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hungry feeling a need or desire for food. [2 definitions]
impulse a sudden wish or desire that makes a person want to do something. [1/2 definitions]
impulsive done as a result of a sudden desire, without thinking or planning. [1/2 definitions]
indulge to give in to or satisfy a desire, appetite, or whim. [1/2 definitions]
interest the desire to learn, know, or take part in something. [4/8 definitions]
itch to have a tingling feeling on the skin that causes a desire to scratch. [4/5 definitions]
like2 to feel a desire or want. [1/4 definitions]
longing a strong and lasting desire.
lust a strong desire for something (usually followed by "for"). [1/2 definitions]
maniac a person who has a very strong desire or enthusiasm for something. [1/3 definitions]
market the desire for a type of good or service. [1/4 definitions]
may used to express a sincere wish or desire. [1/3 definitions]
mind desire or opinion. [1/6 definitions]
motive an idea, need, desire, or impulse that causes a person to act in a particular way or do a particular thing; reason.
nationalism devotion to one's own nation; desire for one's nation to be successful or independent; patriotism.
notion a sudden idea or desire. [1/2 definitions]
offer to show a desire to do or give something. [1/6 definitions]
pleasure a desire or preference. [1/3 definitions]
possessive having a strong desire to own and keep things. [1/3 definitions]
revenge the desire to take revenge. [1/4 definitions]
revolutionary having to do with or marked by a desire for revolution. [1/3 definitions]