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hunting the act or sport of chasing wild animals for the purpose of capturing or killing them.
ice hockey a sport played on ice by two teams. In ice hockey, each person wears skates and plays with a long stick. Using the stick, players hit a flat disc called a puck and try to get it into the other team's goal, often by passing it from one team member to another across the ice.
ice-skating the activity or sport of moving or dancing over ice wearing ice-skates.
judo a sport or way of fighting without weapons. Judo does not allow blows or throws that harm.
mountaineer a person who climbs mountains for sport. [1/2 definitions]
pickerel a fish that is related to pike. Pickerel are used for food or sport.
pike1 a fish that lives in fresh water and has a long, flat snout. Pike are used for food or sport.
pitch1 the British word for the marked area of ground on which a specific sport is played. Pitch has the same meaning as playing field. [1/11 definitions]
player someone who takes part in a game or sport. [1/3 definitions]
quail1 a bird related to the chicken that lives on the ground and is often hunted for sport and food.
race1 a sport or contest of speed. [1/7 definitions]
racing the sport of competing with others to be the fastest, especially in driving a car or riding a horse.
skiing the activity or sport of traveling over snow on skis.
skydiving the sport of jumping from an airplane and performing body maneuvers before opening the parachute.
slump a long period of losing or playing a sport poorly. [1/4 definitions]
snowboarding the activity or sport of riding a snowboard down a hill over snow or inside specially designed tubes.
spike1 (plural) such metal objects on the bottom of a sport shoe. [1/4 definitions]
sportsmanship the qualities and behavior which a person should show when playing a sport or game.
squash1 a racket sport for two or four players. Squash is played in a court with four walls. [1/4 definitions]
surfing the sport or activity of riding on the tops of waves as they come in toward the shore, usually balanced on a special board called a "surfboard."
swordfish a large fish that has a long, sharp upper jaw that looks like a sword. Swordfish live in warm seas and are used for food or sport.