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ice cream a rich, sweet, frozen food made by mixing cream and milk products. Ice cream is made in many different flavors.
icing a sweet substance used for covering or decorating cakes, cookies, or other baked goods; frosting.
jam2 a sweet spread made by cooking crushed fruit and sugar.
jelly a soft, firm food that is usually spread on bread or toast. Jelly is often sweet, made from fruit juice and sugar. [1/2 definitions]
licorice a plant of the legume family that has a strong, sweet smell and flavor. [1/3 definitions]
mango a sweet, juicy fruit with a long shape and smooth yellow-orange skin.
maple a tree with notched leaves and hard wood, grown for its beauty, wood, or sweet sap. [1/2 definitions]
maple syrup a thick, sweet liquid made by boiling the sap of maple trees.
meadowlark one of two kinds of North American songbirds that nest in open fields and have a sweet, musical song. A meadowlark has a yellow breast marked with black.
molasses a thick, sweet dark brown syrup made from sugar cane.
muffin a small roll that is similar to a cake but usually less sweet. Muffins are usually shaped like a cupcake and often contain nuts or bits of fruit. Muffins are a single serving and are often eaten warm or toasted.
muskmelon a round melon with juicy, sweet flesh that ranges in color from almost white to light orange or green. A cantaloupe is a kind of muskmelon.
nectar the sweet liquid a plant makes that attracts insects and birds.
orange a round fruit with a reddish yellow peel. It is sweet and juicy on the inside. [1/4 definitions]
paprika a red powder made from dried sweet red peppers. Paprika is used to add spice to food.
pastry sweet baked goods, made with such dough. [1/2 definitions]
peach a fruit that has yellow or reddish skin covered with a soft fuzz. It has sweet, juicy flesh and a large, rough pit. [1/3 definitions]
pear a sweet, juicy fruit that is shaped like a bell. [1/2 definitions]
pepper a hollow fruit that varies in size, shape, and color. Peppers can have either a hot or sweet taste. They are eaten as a vegetable or used to season other foods. [1/4 definitions]
perfume to give a sweet or pleasing odor to. [1/3 definitions]
persimmon a sweet, juicy, orange or yellow fruit whose skin and pulp is like that of a plum.