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instant needing only water, milk, or the like to be ready to eat or drink; capable of being prepared quickly. [1/4 definitions]
llama an animal with long legs and a long neck. Llamas are mammals that live in the mountains of South America. They are closely related to camels, but are smaller. Llamas are raised for their meat, milk, and wool.
malted milk a drink made of milk and dried malt mixed with ice cream.
mammal a warm-blooded animal with fur or hair on its skin and a skeleton inside its body. Mammal mothers produce milk to feed their babies. Most mammals have four legs or two arms and two legs. Dogs, cows, elephants, mice, whales, and humans are all mammals.
margarine a food used in place of butter. Margarine is made of vegetable oil, milk, coloring, and other ingredients.
milk to get milk from a female mammal. [1/5 definitions]
mush1 a thick, soft cereal that is made of corn meal boiled in water or milk. [1/2 definitions]
oleomargarine a food like butter made from vegetable oil instead of milk; margarine.
pitcher1 a container with a handle and spout, used to hold and pour milk, juice, or other liquids.
popover a light, puffed, hollow muffin made with flour, eggs, and milk.
porridge a food made of cereal grains such as oatmeal that are boiled in water or milk.
pudding a soft, creamy, cooked dessert that is made with milk, flour, eggs, sugar, and flavoring. [1/3 definitions]
reindeer a mammal with long legs, a long neck, antlers, and hooves. Reindeer are raised in northern parts of the world for their milk, meat, and fur. They are also sometimes used to pull sleds for transportation. Reindeer are closely related to moose and other kinds of deer. Reindeer are the only deer that have antlers on both males and females. In North America, reindeer are called caribou.
sheep an animal with hooves, hollow horns, and long, curly hair. Sheep are mammals that are raised for their wool; some people also use their milk and meat. They are closely related to goats. [1/2 definitions]
skim milk milk from which the cream has been separated.
udder a large organ with two or more glands, each with its own nipple. Udders are the organs in mammals such as cows and goats from which the offspring drink milk.
whey the watery part of milk that is left when the curds are separated out in making cheese.
yak1 a large, heavy mammal with long hair. Yaks are closely related to cattle. They live in Tibet and Central Asia. People raise yaks to carry loads and for their milk, fur, and leather. Very few yaks are left in the wild.
yogurt a soft food that is made from sour milk and often flavored or sweetened with fruit.